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Buying Twitter followers certainly is not a new thing. As a matter of fact, it’s been around just about as long as Twitter has and any person that has a Twitter account for more than a single day has been approached (spammed) with proposals to provide Twitter followers for a fee. These overtures may be enticing to someone who is driven to increase their Twitter followers immediately. However, you should ask yourself is it worth buying Twitter followers? Below are a few quick reasons why it can be a bad idea to buy Twitter followers.

#1 Minimal Connection

When you buy followers, you won’t necessarily obtain individuals who are concerned or willing to engage with you. You are merely buying numbers. Once you pay for your followers or engage in particular follower churn, you are likely to get a large number of fake accounts amongst your number. Besides, it’s difficult or next to impossible to engage with fake followers.

#2 Followers Get Spammed

Buying followers sets your account up for spamming your followers. How? By sending out numerous messages promoting that they are capable of increasing everyone’s Twitter followers. I don’t know about you, but this can be really annoying especially to your followers. As a result, many will unfollow you to help remedy the situation and it could leave you with having to clean up your online reputation later on.

#3 May Lead to Online Reputation Damage

Perception is different for everyone. For example, what one may consider acceptable behavior may not be appropriate to another. Buying followers is regarded as unacceptable. It has the feel of being deceptive. Meaning, that people are trying to get others to believe they are more popular than they really are. People might not realize that you have paid for followers, however, if you have couple hundred people following you one day and then two or three days later you have 50,000 followers, that’s bound to draw some skepticism and lead to a damaged reputation

#4 Deception Revealed

Buying fake followers isn’t worth losing real followers just for the sake of boosting your popularity. There’s nothing worse than thinking the people you are following are actually not as popular as they have been portraying themselves. The unpleasant part on this is that a few assume that no one will ever know that they are buying their followers instead of obtaining them through real engagement and providing invaluable information.

In spite of this, there is actually a new tool on the market that is making it possible to reveal the deception about fake followers. It’s a tool that evaluates whether the people who are following you are real or fake and you can also check other Twitter accounts.


To keep from ruining your online reputation, it’s best not to buy Twitter followers or any followers for all that matters. It’s deceiving and sends the wrong message. It can also get your account barred or worse; deleted.

Rather than to have people see you as an unscrupulous individual who will do anything to make it seem as if they are extremely popular, it’s best to build a group of people who are interested in you, your goods and services.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of determining if it is worth buying Twitter followers.